SMost probably there been previous generations at our family who came to the vineyard and obtained the grapes to elaborate wines of different quality to match with their meals, drink and celebrations and relieve pains.

PBut it's around 30's decade of XIX century when we found the first approach to a "modern viticulture", looking for the most adequate plots. Those ancestors began to plant vines more resistant to pests in sunny and airy soils, that need little moisture and able to hold it when they have. They followed the old local proverb: "The vineyard were freezes and vegetables where is watered".

Today, Seven Generations later, this philosophy still holds validity. The land and the grapes are still checking the suitability of each of our wines.

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The land

Hacienda Gaston have the best vineyards selection to elaborate quality wines. The average age of our vineyards is 30 years.

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We apply precision viticulture, with advanced technology to analyze each vineyard, its reality and potential, to brings the work to the needs of each vineyard.

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We make a grape selection at the winery before a temperature controlled fermentation between 10 to 21 days. The wines are filtered and stabilized after the fermentation and racking process.

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Red wines are racked to oak barrels, where it will remain the necessary time, depending on the varieties and the type of wine we want.